Animal Party Drifting EP


Visual identity, photography and EP cover design for Animal Party’s Drifting EP. The visual identity was continued through surrounding collateral, advertising and merchandise including CD and vinyl packaging, t-shirt designs, and social media banners/advertising.


Primary Project


Logo and proposal design for the Primary Project, a programme founded by Northgate Baptist Church that provides ongoing support for local primary school children through seminars, various activities and a buddy programme. Northgate required a simple and professional identity for the Primary Project to use throughout official documents, brochures, seminars and other collateral. The logo needed to convey professionalism and trustworthiness and represent what the Primary Project is all about— the intertwining of families, communities and the local church to support our children.


The Māori twist, or Pikorua, resembles two intertwined pikopiko ferns. The entanglement has no beginning or end, which refers to an eternal bond between two autonomous entities. The Pikorua symbolizes the strength and beauty of enduring friendship and interwoven lives. It is inspired by the symbols of love, life and growth. Because the Pikorua stands for infinite partnership, it emphasizes a lasting connection, to each other, their loyalty and friendship.

The Pikorua is used as a symbol to represent the partnership between a local primary school and a local church, and their commitment to each other to provide support and to nurture the children in our communities.




This project is an exploration into the use of modern digital fabrication technology in book design. Through the production of a set of books made using 3D printing and laser cutting processes, I have explored how this technology can be used to contribute to the unique physicality of the book as an object. The rise in digital technology will not be the downfall of the printed book. Instead, it allows for endless possibilities for book designers to create a truly unique reading experience. Print is not dead; it is simply evolving.

This project was awarded the Alphabyte Award for Information Design 2016.

Best Design Awards 2017 Silver winner

AGDA Student Awards 2017 Distinction winner

Featured on Adobe Student Show


Wintergardens: A Typeface Pair


Display typeface pair inspired by the Auckland Domain Wintergardens. The Wintergarden complex is a place to celebrate diversity of plant life from New Zealand and across the world. While the Wintergardens are a place to experience a range of rare and spectacular plant life, they are meticulously maintained and controlled. The displays in the glasshouses are subject to constant changes and maintenance, void of freedom to grow as wild as they please. It is almost as if the plants and life are restricted and confined within the structured, stationary piece of architecture, yearning for liberation and freedom.


Therefore, Wintergardens is a depiction of two contrasting ideas: Confinement and Growth.


Typographic Drawing


The aim of this three part project was to create pictographic icons of three animals (White Rhino, African Elephant and Hippopotamus), exploring a range of approaches of reducing these to their formal “irreducible essence.” The aim of the first part was to simplify and systematize my animals in the form of pictograms, in order to create a cohesive set that allowed them to still be recognizable. For the second part I combined at least two of my pictograms into one single drawing, while aiming to keep the different animals distinguishable from one another. The aim of the third part was to explore translating my integrated pictogram into 3D using alternative media and materials.

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